My Story

You've found my website... Yay! 

And now you're wondering... should I keep reading?

Who's the girl behind the screen, writing about art like it's the most important thing in the world? 

What makes this site and this person special? 

Well.. let's see if I can answer some of those questions! 


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Who am

Let's start with some fun facts!

  • My name is Jeanne Marie and I am a freelance journalist focusing on dance!

  • I am currently based in Central Florida and attending Full Sail University in their New Media Journalism Masters Program. 

  • I grew up in Central Pennsylvania, in a very small town. 

  • I started dancing when I was 4.

  • At my small town studio, I was bullied by the adults who were supposed to be teaching me and made to feel like I would never be a dancer because I wasn't skinny enough.

  • I was 11 when I was told this. Eleven.  

  • I decided to prove everyone wrong and go to college for dance so I first attended the University of Utah for ballet.

  • I then graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Art in dance.  

  • I participated in a College Program at Walt Disney World and loved every moment ( other than the Florida humidity) 

  • I was diagnosed with OCD. (A topic I'm excited to cover in Movement Source.) 

  • I'm a Pisces, an Enneagram 4, and a big believer in keeping houseplants even if you sometimes accidentally kill them. 

Why Dance

Why, after all that, did I not dance professionally you ask?

Cheeky me would say: Destiny!!!

 But actually, this is why:

I started to wonder if maybe I kept dancing just to prove my childhood bullies wrong. I could dance professionally! Not because I genuinely loved getting up at 8 am trying to be the perfect dancer for hours every day. 

So I took a step back. 

I viewed my life from some different perspectives. I remembered that as much as I loved movement, I really wanted a career where I could make some kind of difference.    


Then. *dramatic pause*

My senior year of college, I took a Writing About Dance course. That course helped me find my voice. I discovered that dance journalism was a way for me to take all the opportunities for growth I saw or personally experienced in our dance communities, educational institutions, and societal expectations, and learn about they can be addressed to make a positive difference. I could participate in an art form I loved while telling important stories and, hopefully, be able to ignite some change.

What you'll

What does Movement Sources' content look like?

  • Interactive! 

  • Full of photos, video, and audio. 

  • An exciting space for exploration & learning!

What subjects will I cover? 

  • General dance or otherwise art-related news

  • Interviews with artists/companies- let's welcome those deep thoughts! 

  • Reviews/Previews of upcoming performances

  • Essays on dance and it's relation to the world around us (education, psychology, mental health, politics, etc. 

Why is this important?

Yeah, I'm about to get cheesy.

Art is all around us. It's in the music we listen to during car rides to work, the TV shows we watch on the weekends to relax, and in the choreography of a big intersection. It's an expression that helps us healthily explore our realities as humans. It invites thoughtfulness, mind expansion, and balance. I want to help make all of this accessible, promote those individuals/companies contributing to the scene, and start some healthy dialogue about ways we can improve. Let's learn, share, and start creating a future where art is an everyday experience, for everyone. 

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