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Attending your first virtual ballet class? Here's what you need to know.

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Staying active while staying at home can present a bit of a challenge to individuals used to getting their exercise through their job or going to a gym. However, this could be the perfect opportunity to get moving and engage in an art form that can reduce stress: Ballet.

The United States is currently facing its eighth month riddled by the coronavirus outbreak. While many have been able to return to work, others are still adjusting to spending most of their hours at home. Recognizing this potential stressor, the Center for Disease Control has published some helpful tips on reducing stress at home.

One of the recommendations, along with eating well, getting a fair amount of sleep, and meditating, is to keep up an exercise routine. According to an article on the Center's site, the CDC suggests at least 150 minutes of exercise for adults a week, recommending activities such as going for walks, engaging the whole family in play, and more rigorous household chores.

Another way to manage stress is through participating in the arts. An article published in Volume 8 of Behavioral Sciences, a journal of medicine, explains that arts activities such as "Music, Dance/Movement, Art, and Drama" can be used as therapeutic tools to help reduce stress and allow individuals to learn how to better cope with stress.

Ballet can be the perfect stress-reducing activity to participate in at home, combining physical activity and a creative outlet.

Walking into this very structured form, however, can be relatively intimidating.

What, then, could help alleviate some of this pressure and assist individuals in taking that first step and attending a virtual class?

Having a little knowledge of what the basic foot positions, the foundation of ballet movement, are and look like, knowing that wearing comfortable,

moveable clothes are acceptable, particularly in a home environment, for class, and seeing ballerinas make due of their home spaces may help individuals bridge that gap.

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