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Davenport Dance Studio Encourages Safety Without Forgoing Choice

Performer's Edge Dance Center, a studio located in Davenport, Florida, and owned by Amie and Jim Hollborn, is offering a unique opportunity for its’ families to choose whether their students take dance classes in person or through Zoom while COVID-19 continues to influence public interaction in the United States.

Creating this format, explain Jim Hollborn, allows the business to accommodate more students safely while giving families the opportunity to choose which option makes them the most comfortable.

“After receiving feedback from customers, we realized that although students rather take class in person, there was still students willing to continue to take class online this year” writes Jim Hollborn.

According to the Center for Disease Control, COVID-19 cases have once again spiked in the United States. The number of cases reached a new all-time high on Nov. 6 with 132,830 cases reported, according to a graph on the centers’ website.

In order to help lessen the spread, the CDC recommends consistent cleaning of both high-contact surfaces and hands, utilizing a mask when around other people, and engaging in social distancing procedures, according to their website.

Though PEDC follows and enforces these guidelines while conducting in-person classes, some parents may still feel a little wary about voluntarily sending their children to a more inhabited space.

According to an article written for Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology, human beings have an innate basic need to feel safe, physically and psychologically.

The pandemic, affecting physical health if contracted and affecting mental health as society copes with everyday changes necessary to slow the spread, can potentially give individuals a feeling of uncertainty in regard to how safe they truly are.

Providing the opportunity for families to control a situation and determine what would make them feel the safest, offers them the opportunity to re-fulfill the basic need for safety.

Creating feelings of safety and security while adapting to a new environmental norm can also help reduce the feeling of stress, which in turn, lowers the risk of individuals developing diseases associated with stress, according to the Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology article.

Beyond the effect it has on families, Jim explains that the decision to include this option has the added benefit of having the procedures in place if an outbreak were to occur and the studio would need to return to full online classes.

Hollborn also reports that while the business did see a downshift in numbers compared to the past year, they’ve had an overall positive response to both formats for dance classes.

Though it is inconclusive whether having both options available allows studios to completely overcome the financial obstacles the Coronavirus has presented, offering both options seems to have had a positive emotional impact on the students and their families who are able to continue allowing their children to participate in an art form rather than having to potentially make a sacrifice in order to feel secure in their family’s’ health.

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