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PerfectFit Revolutionizes the Comfort and Safety of Dancers.

PerfectFit's Website Home Page

PerfectFit is a dancewear company based in Menlo Park, California with a very specific and special product line to help dancers perform pointe work safer: the PerfectFit insert. A product that dancers may find helpful as they return to intense classes and rehearsal.

The invention of the pointe shoe, a footwear that doubles as a tool allowing ballerinas to dance on the tip of their toes, has been around since the 1830s, according to an article in Pointe Magazine.

The article explains that, as technology continued to advance so did the pointe shoe, with the creation of modern shock-absorbing designs and the use of fabrics to enhance fit and durability, making the wearer safer.

However, as the shoe's creation progressed, the accessories dancers use to create a padding on the inside of the shoe has only advanced from paper products, like towels, to the creation of toepads and toe-spacers; Fabric and gel-based products that create a thin lining between the toes and the box of the pointe shoe (the part of the shoe where the metatarsals reside).

PerfectFit seeks to revolutionize and individualize the toe pad in order to make the wearer safer and more comfortable, according to PerfectFit’s website.

Graphic and information displayed on PerfectFit's site.

The company explains on their How it Works page that every foot is shaped differently but even with those differences, no-one’s foot will perfectly fit into the shape of a pointe shoe box.

Therefore, different pin-point areas of the foot and toes end up bearing the brunt of the pressure and weight of the entire body, the page details.

The inserts are created to distribute that pressure on a wider and more cushioned area by filling up the void between the toes and the inside of the pointe shoe box.

Graphic and information depicting the PerfectFit difference on company's site.

How then, does one accessory help so many individually shaped feet? The product is actually a mold, rather than a one-size-fits-all item.

Molding Kit Product from PerfectFit's online shop.

The dancer receives a molding kit at home and creates the product themselves using an instructional booklet, so the insert can be as individualized as the wearer's foot and preferred shoe.

The company shares that the use of the product has been praised, not only by dancers but physical therapists who work to prevent and treat dance injuries.

The common sentiment being that the insert can help prevent injury by reducing stress on high-impact joints, allowing dancers the strengthen and stabilize the ankle and leg muscles, preventing common sprains and strains, according to the sites Physical Therapist testimonial section.

As companies and classes begin to open in COVID-friendly ways and dancers are increasing their work and practice times, the likelihood of sustaining an injury also increases, according to a study of musculoskeletal injuries.

Now might be the perfect moment to make the proactive switch from old, worn-out toe pads to PerfectFit inserts in order to avoid back-to-work injuries.

To learn more about PerfectFit and their products or purchase your own, you can visit their website at perfectfitpointe.com or follow along on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

PerfectFit's Website Home Page

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